On the third day of their stay in Brazzaville, the Congo’s capital city, the delegation from the International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) headed by its Directorate General, Brigadier General BITOTE André Patrice, has been very active in achieving the objectives set forth as part of their study visit to the city. Several activities, including a tour of the capital city, a sports walk and above all audiences and visits to security institutions, are ongoing.

Indeed, on 10 June 2029, the EIFORCES delegation took part in a city tour to discover the tourist and historical assets of the capital city. Thus, the auditors and trainees were able to immerse themselves in the outstanding features of the country’s history, which is similar to that of many cities in African countries. It is a history stained with blood from deported slaves, valiant warriors who fought back against the invaders, heroes of independence and the emergence of a democratic order, which holds out the hope of sustainable development for the new States. For more than three hours, the tour guide led them through the avenues of the capital and its remarkable tourist attractions.

On the morning of Sunday 11 June 2023, members of the delegation took part in a sports walk organised by former EIFORCES trainees and auditors. Over a distance of more than 10 kms, trainees from DEMFS 12, auditors from BESS 9, executives and alumni of this institution working in the capital walked the wide avenues reserved for this activity. From the banks of the Congo River which separates the two Congolese capitals, they were able to admire the magnificent landscapes on both sides. After a stretching session, the delegation enjoyed a meal of rich Congolese cuisine, hosted by a local authority.

It was therefore with great enthusiasm that the day began on Monday 12 June 2023.