On 2 April 2020, Brigadier General, Director General of EIFORCES conducted a working visit to the EIFORCES Awaé campus.

During this visit, he met with the SCUS 1 and DEMFS 9 trainees, as well as he held sectoral meetings through which he noted and praised the good implementation of the measures taken within our institution so far, particularly as concerns the Awaé campus. Besides, he also gave a number of general and specific directives to better address the various issues.

Basically, following the fifteen (15) day extension of the government measures of 17 March 2020 relating to the national response plan to the novel coronavirus pandemic, internal measures put in place on 19 March 2020 were renewed, including:

  • The use of distance learning for DEMFS 9 and BESS 6;
  • The partition of SCUS1 into training groups of less than ten (10) trainees;
  • The restriction of visits to work and accommodation places, as well as the presence in offices of non-essential personnel, etc.

Furthermore, and, as a reminder, the Brigadier General, Director General invited each and every one to abide by the health and safety instructions in force at the Headquarters in Ngousso, at the hotel where the 6th BESS trainees are residing and at the Awaé campus.

Additional instructions were given to reinforce these barrier measures such as the wearing of masks, the multiplication of hand washing points and the use of hydro-alcoholic gel.

Finally, it was decided that officials, trainees and support staff must ensure the continuity of activities by favouring teleworking as much as possible.

The visit ended with the inspection of the ongoing building sites in Awaé, including sports grounds, fuel bunker and administrative building. /-

COMMUNIQUE of 6/4/20