DAY 3 OF DEMFS 11 AFRICA STUDY MISSION TO THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Road safety and collective security on the menu.

Road safety featured on the agenda of the Director General of EIFORCES in Bangui, during an audience granted to him by the Central African Minister of Transport. On the menu of the exchanges, road safety training, including that recently conducted by EIFORCES as part of the Regional and National Infrastructure Governance Support Programme in Central Africa, with the financial support of the European Union, and in which Central African officials took part.
At the MINUSCA headquarters, Mrs. Valentine RUGWABISA, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of MINUSCA, spoke to the EIFORCES delegation about the challenges facing the UN missions, including digitalization and strengthening the morale and psychology of peacekeepers to face ‘isolation’.
At the Joint Task Force Bangui, the commander, Brigadier General TAKOUGNADI, highlighted the contribution of this hybrid force in pacifying the Central African capital city and its surroundings.