IEDs CONTROL: Consultations on a growing security issue.

Brigadier General André Patrice BITOTE, Director General of EIFORCES and David LOCHHEAD, Senior Researcher at the Small Arms Survey (SAS) discuss the issue in Awaé.

The outcome of a recent study conducted in Cameroon by Dr SUMO TAYO, a Senior Researcher at SAS, the Geneva-based global Centre of Excellence in Small Arms and Light Weapons Research, confirms the rise of these lethal tools and their rapid spread across the African continent.

Receiving in audience, this 17 February 2022 in Awaé, the Director General of EIFORCES shared with guests the training and research actions carried out by EIFORCES to equip civilians, police officers and gendarmes from Cameroon and Africa in fighting IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

This audience, as part of the week of activities carried out by SAS in Cameroon from 13 to 18 February 2022 on the initiative of the Ministry of External Relations, enabled both parties to take stock of this threat and share good practices that could be pursued within the framework of a partnership in training and research./-