INTAKE AND IMPACT OF EIFORCES IN ITS MEFOU AND AFAMBA ENVIRONMENT: The Director General of EIFORCES reassures the Chairman of the CPDM Parliamentary Group.

During his parliamentary tour of the MEFOU and Afamba Division, Hon.MELINGUI Roger, President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement Parliamentary Group at the National Assembly, met with Brigadier General BITOTE André Patrice, Director General of EIFORCES. This event took place on 14 September 2023 at the Directorate General of EIFORCES.

On that occasion, the Director General of EIFORCES reassured his guest of the seamless osmosis that exists between the staff and trainees of his institution and the people of Awaé, whose local authorities he singled out for their benevolent attitude.

For his part, the MP from the Mefou and Afamba encouraged the Brigadier General to relentlessly pursue the mission entrusted to him by the President of the Republic, and called for more initiatives that would further strengthen EIFORCES’ position as a public institution in its own milieu./-