This was the theme developed by the Director General of the International School of Security Forces (EIFORCES) in his address to the audience at the 2nd session of the Pan-African Academy for Interregional Cooperation (APACI) organised by the African Centre for Administrative Training and Research for Development (CAFRAD) in Tangiers, Morocco.

On the invitation of CAFRAD, Brigadier General André Patrice BITOTE seized the opportunity of his address to correlate security governance and globalization.

Rich with experience in security based management, coupled with his capacity as head of one of the most prestigious training and research institutions in the field of security and peacekeeping, the guest speaker enlightened the audience on security approaches to the concept of governance in a globalized context.

This event falls within the framework of the partnership between EIFORCES and CAFRAD, two institutions that intend to pursue and strengthen the cooperation which they enjoy.