To carry out its training mission, EIFORCES relies on the Directorate of Studies, which develops multidisciplinary courses (at the strategic, operational and tactical levels) in the areas of national security and peace support operations for civilians, police and gendarmes.  It is structured around two divisions namely:

The division of higher education

It leads the following trainings

The division of basic education

It consists of two poles

The Public Order Cluster

Training of trainers in Public Order (FOP)

Pre-deployment Training of Individual Police Officers

Advanced Level 2 Operational Command (PCO2)

Operational Crossing Instructor

Neutralization/Destruction of Improvised Explosive Devices (EOD)

Retraining of Trainers in Public Order

VIP close Protection specialist

The Judicial Police Cluster

Project Research Expert Teams (RECE)

Project Research Expert Teams (RECE)

Technical and Scientific Police

The partners can request the EIFORCES instructions site based in Awaé, and the trainers for the realization of their training

Thematic teaching

She leads the following trainings

  • Safe Governance
  • Protection of civilians
  • Fight against terrorism
  • Cross-border crime
  • Child protection
  • Negotiation and mediation in peace support operations

Statistical Review of Training Activities of the EIFORCES

From the creation of EIFORCES to today, more than 5388 civils, Gendarmes and Policemen from 24 African countries were trained there.

In addition, 555 police and gendarmes from some 20 African and European countries were trained during the exercise of the police component called
EUPST Awaé 2014, for a month, as part of the project European Union Police Services Training (EUPST)