Missons and objectives

Missons and objectives


EIFORCES  is a Cameroonian Public Administrative Establishment endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy, it has a board of Director Chaired by Mr. BETI ASSOMO Joseph, Minister Delegate in presidency in charge of defence, and a Directorate General placed under the authority of Brigadier General BITOTE André Patrice. Its Technical Supervisory Authority is jointly assumed by the National Gendarmerie and the General Delegation for National security, whereas its Financial Supervisory Authority is the Mnistry of Finance.
Major donor countries and a number of International Organisations as well as national administrative entities are Board members as well. This is the case with African Union, China, the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), the European Union, France and Japan.


Train, update and perfect formed units or Gendarmerie and Police type for PSOs :

Train, update and perfect civilianand military experts for PSOs ;

Train and update intermediate and Senior level civilian and military officers for Police missions in national security and PSOs settings ;

Organise and provide Higher Education level trainig for intermediate and senior civilian and military officers in the areas of Peace support and security ;

Conduct research in the areas of Peace support ans security ;

EIFORCES is open to trainees and partner countries sharing the same ideals of peace and security. Hence its core mission is focused on training and research.


The International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES) is assigned three objectives :

To reinforce regional stability ;

To ameliorate security governance within African countries ;

To promote  common standards within police and gendarmerie forces meant for peacekeeping operations under the framework of UNO missions ;