Through its Research and Documentation Centre (RDC), EIFORCES conducts applied and fundamental research on all aspects of security, as well as PSO. RDC research work is aimed at explaining dynamics of the security environment; reinforcing African security systems foresight capabilities; carrying out strategiec monitoring, in support of robust decision-marketing; generating concepts for Force employment doctrine; drawing lessons from experience in order to enhance training, as well as peace and security mechanisms and capabilities.


The RDC publishes a set of periodicals that includes: the Monthly Security Briefs; VIGIE, the quarterly Strategic and Foresight Analysis Bulletin; the African Journal of International Security. It also carries out ad hoc theme-based publications on the changing security environment, as well as report on research activities that include Conference proceedings. Recent strategics analysis and foresight publication focused on such topical issues as:

Commercial Motorbikes as vectors of insecurity in Urban and Suburban Areas

Trans-Border Threats in Central Africa

Urderstanding Boko haram Terrorism to better Fight it

Refugees and Displaced People in the lake Chad basin Conflicts systems

Dynamics and Perspectives of the Lake Chad basin Joint Multinational Task Force

The CRD also organises international conferences, colloquia and symposiums on Peace as well as national and international security.

Major EIFORCES International Conferences


“The effectiveness of peacekeeping operations in Central Africa: Critical Retrospect and Foresight”


Synergy between Populations and Defence and Security Forces in the Fight against terrorism in Cameroon (Jointly organised with the Yaounde-Symbock International War College)


Democratic Governance and Management of Crowds in Africa : Apparatuses, Practices, Challenges and Transformationla Stakes”


What peace, What security and What Sustainable Development in the Central African Republic ?


Population-defense and security synergies in the fight against terrorism in Cameroon (in partnership with the Yaounde Simbock International War School)


(Upcoming) “Identity Issues and State Stability in Africa : Challenges and Opportunities for Peace and Security”