The Graduate Certificate of Security Studies (BESS)

The Graduate Certificate of Security Studies (BESS)

General training objectives

The training in the cycle of Patent Security Study, the International School of Security Forces aims to:

Develop the spirit and competence of student officers in security matters

To promote among his officers:

Openness and the prospective vision of the world

Strategic and operational thinking

The search for an integrated approach in crisis resolution

Taking into account the prospects of developing inter-African security partnerships

To prepare the trainees on the one hand for the command of an operational group of security made up of gendarmerie force or police in the national frame and on the other hand, the functions of officer of staff of force of security, gendarmerie and police, within the state Majour de Mission (Peace Support Operation) and Component Staff

To train credible interlocutors capable of being forces of proposal near the political authorities

At the end of the EIFORCES training cycle, the officers must be able to:

Participate in the design, planning and conduct of (security) operations in a national or international context

To serve as a police component commander in peace support operations

Exercise responsibilities within the components and the central administration in an international or inter-ministerial framework

Exercise longer term important command or leadership function