The Staff Diploma of the Security Forces (DEMFS)

The Staff Diploma of the Security Forces (DEMFS)

General training objectives

The Security Forces Staff Diploma is awarded after a 5-month training course and carries the award of the Safety Forces Staff Diploma (DEFMS). The target population of the candidates consists of gendarmerie officers and police officers responding to the profile …

The main objective is to train and develop security force managers in police missions of internal security and support to the … at the same time, this training aims to … to research in the fields of security and support for peace.

L’enseignement dispensé couvre trois grand domaines permettant aux stagiaires d’acquérir des compétences nécessaires pour l’exercice de certaines fonctions :

The teaching of the Staff Officer

(office, writing and oral staff, staff function)

The Staff Officer, operational assistant

(method of elaboration of a “MEDO” operational decision, art of tactical command, command of a unit … internal security, police unit in operation … communication, specific study work … of police competence.)

General and interdepartmental knowledge

(geopolitics, contemporary history and …. conflicts in Africa, criminal and international chain … right of the war and human rights, stakes … African of the hour)

At the end of this training trainees are able to effectively hold the positions of officers … dealing in a staff of the component … police in national or multinational, then to practice. .. in the long run, group commands … police forces,