38th edition of the IWD 2023: EIFORCES celebrates its female staff.

In keeping with the theme of this 2023 edition, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, Brigadier General André Patrice BITOTE, Director General of EIFORCES, invited his female colleagues gathered around a group meal on 8 March in Awaé, to use digitalization as a performance lever.

On this occasion, Lieutenant SALAMATOU Issah, on behalf of the female staff of EIFORCES, made up of the organic staff, BESS 9 Auditors and the DEMFS 12 and SCUS 4 trainees currently registered at EIFORCES, praised the managerial dynamics of the institution in the promotion of women. Better still, she expressed the commitment of her colleagues to take advantage of digitalization and work harder towards promoting EIFORCES, an Excellence Centre for ECCAS and the AU.