This is what can be retained from the audience granted by Brigadier General Director General of EIFORCES on December 24, 2019 at the General Directorate to his Excellency KAWAI YOSHITOMO, in charge of economic studies and cooperation at the Embassy of Japan in Yaounde.

During the exchange in which took part Mrs. Commissioner, Administrative and Financial Director of EIFORCES, Mrs. Lieutenant-Colonel, Head of EIFORCES Cooperation Department and Lieutenant-Colonel Head of the Cabinet of the Director General of EIFORCES, The Diplomat has announced his country’s intention, through the International Peace Cooperation Program Advisors, to conduct training activities with EIFORCES on certain themes such as humanitarian, development, peacekeeping and gender in 2020.

Welcoming this announcement, which confirms Japan’s very significant role alongside EIFORCES in the implementation of its training and research missions, Brigadier General André Patrice BITOTE said that his institution was ready to host these training courses.

He also reiterated the school’s commitment to continue to pursue the fruitful partnership with Japan, which for 2020, has also committed to finance other training, research and infrastructural development actions to the tune of USD 230,000.