As announced during the 29 December 2021 Ordinary Budgetary Session, EIFORCES has established its headquarters in Awaé in the Mefou and Afamba Division for good.


This Monday, 3 January 2022, brought an unusual atmosphere to the EIFORCES campus, as the school moved into its newly erected administrative building in Awaé.


It was 10.30 a.m. when Brigadier General André Patrice Bitoté, Director General of EIFORCES, walked through the door of his office. He had been preceded a little earlier by his collaborators, who could hardly hide their excitement at occupying their new offices and getting acquainted with this imposing three-storey building.


This marks the culmination of a process carried out with method and determination by the Director General, which included the construction of a Trainees’ Hotel and a Dormitory, the gradual transfer of the Senior Staff Diploma of Security Forces and, very recently, the Higher Degree of Security Studies, the construction of the administrative block and other major facilities currently underway or nearing completion (rappel training tower, garage, fuel tank, roads, fence, etc.)


With the ongoing implementation of the three-year (2021-2024) infrastructural development and equipment priority projects, EIFORCES will most certainly be able to pursue its training and research missions and, in so doing, maintain its stature as a Centre of Excellence./-