Interaction between Actors in the Management of Humanitarian Crises: privileging the “duo” instead of the “duel”.

Such was the essence of the recommendations made at the international colloquium recently organised by EIFORCES, through its Research and Documentation Centre, on the theme: “Interaction between Actors in the Management of Humanitarian Crises in Africa: Collaboration or Competition”?, thanks to special funding from the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Held during two days at the Yaounde Conference Centre, the event brought together experts, academics, researchers and practitioners from the Police, the Gendarmerie and Civil Protection, from Cameroon, Congo, the DRC, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, the European Union and the ICRC, around a theme whose importance was emphasized by Mr. BETI ASSOMO Joseph, Minister Delegate of the Presidency in charge of Defence, Chair of the EIFORCES Board of Directors, during the opening ceremony on 7 October 2021.

On his part, Mr. ETOGA Galax Landry, Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the Gendarmerie, while closing the proceedings on 8 October 2021, stressed the importance of coordination in a multi-actor context, for better assistance to people affected by humanitarian crises, whether natural, health, security, etc.

On the whole, no less than four panels and twenty-one presentations were necessary to draw up the ten recommendations to be included in the conference proceedings./-